About us

  • My name is James O'Brien and I design and manufacture my own furniture that is inspired by free flowing form with a twist. Both Ergonomic and Architectural concepts are integrated into my finished products. Organic, luxury, collectible, feature piece are just some of the words that my creations are categorized in.
  • I have always had a soft spot for beautiful looking objects that serve a useful purpose and Onada is an extension of this passion that I want to share with the world.
  • I am located in Country Victoria, Australia.
  • I have been in business for over 10 years
  • My online shopify shop has been in operation since "January 2018"...however I have been selling my products to customers online for over 6 years through other avenues.
  • I am the director of this business (James O'Brien)...and I have a handful of highly talented professionals working with me based in Melbourne ranging from furniture joiners, upholsterer's and designers/Engineers.
  • I can be contacted on my personal mobile at (+63) 0439 439 308 and or my email j.oarch3@gmail.com
  • I am connected to the following social media links;Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & Google + .

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